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Lottery issuance In Thailand, according to history, began in the reign of King Chulalongkorn, Rama 5, with a Englishman named "Teacher Albaster" is the first European lottery winner to be called "lotteries" by His Majesty King Chulalongkorn. Gave royal permission to the Royal Thai Army Department to issue lotteries for the first time in Thailand in the year 1874, due to the royal ceremonies of His Majesty The objective is to help foreign merchants who bring products to exhibit in the museum's exhibition at the Khong Khadi building in the Grand Palace. And later, in the reign of King Rama VI in 1932 1917, which was during the period of World War I, the United Kingdom, England, the Allied countries. Wishing to borrow money from Thailand for use in war But cannot borrow directly from the Thai government Because it will affect the budget of the British Patriotic Council Therefore implemented a policy to borrow money from the public by issuing lotteries By receiving royal permission from King Rama VI and later in the year 2466, the King granted royal permission to issue "Lottery Tiger Forest Million Baht" in order to earn an income to support the Tiger Woods Volunteer Division Apply by typing 1 million copies, distributed 1 baht per copy

Later, during the reign of King Rama VII After the change of government in the year 2476, the government has a policy to reduce pollination money. (Money collected from Thai men who do not have to serve in the military) causes the state to lack income. Therefore decided to issue a government lottery called "Siam Government Lottery", published by the amount of 1 million copies, 1 baht per 4 installments per year. Later in the year 2477, the Cabinet approved the Ministry of Interior to issue the lottery maintenance municipality by specifying that If any month is the government lottery month That month, the municipality's lottery tickets must be discontinued. The first installment was sold in November 1935 and the lottery was issued in April 1936 by printing the amount of 500,000 copies at 1 baht per lot and the government lottery and municipality maintenance lottery have been issued in the year. . 1939 was considered an era when the lottery began in earnest. In which the Cabinet passed a resolution to transfer the government lottery And the municipal maintenance lottery Under the Ministry of Finance And have appointed the Government Lottery Commission With Phraya Promthat Sriphilas Was the chairman of the board on April 5, 1939. That day was considered the establishment of the Government Lottery Office to date.

And the Government Lottery has developed continuously until the year 2517, the Office of the Act was issued Government Lottery Designate the Government Lottery Office to be a juristic person And is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Finance In addition to domestic operations The Government Lottery Office also has coordination. And exchange opinions and information on the lottery business with foreign countries as well By becoming a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA) and being a member of the Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA) since 2000 (Note: The World Lottery Association is developed from International Association of State Lotteries, which the office Has been a member since 1960)

Main mission of operation

Government Lottery Office Administered under the Government Lottery Office Act B.E. 2517, which came into force from 1 October 1974 which has the following objectives: Section 5 The text to establish the Government Lottery Office is called "Government Lottery Office" with the following objectives: this

  • Issue the government lottery
  • Manage the printing house, which is the equipment for printing lottery tickets or other publications approved by the board
  • Perform any other activities that are relevant or beneficial to the Government Lottery Office's operations.

In addition to typing the government lottery The Government Lottery Office has also published a charity charity maintenance lottery. Award Results Check Sheet Including other print jobs that are hired from outside Most of which are forged publications of government agencies approved by the Board, such as bus tickets, bus tickets, Transport Company Ltd., Expressway passes. Sticker of the Excise Department Although not creating a lot of profit Since it is a type of assistance And receive printing jobs at a lower price than private printing houses But is considered a proud work of the Government Lottery Office In their potential and trust